Monday, May 30, 2011

I came all this way for this?

I was browsing through my Facebook the other day and saw a post from a senior I know that read; "I can't wait to get out of this town!" This is certainly not the first time I've seen a post like this. Being a youth pastor in a small town I run into post like this nearly every year. Thinking back I can remember having similar feelings. Not just as a senior but at many diffrent stage's throughout my life. And most the time when I arrived at the moment I thought would change everything I found myself thinking.... Now what? What's next?

Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with looking forward to your future in a new place. Maybe for you it's not a new town but a new job or maybe a new house. The future is exciting, full of expectancy, and hope as it should be! We all wonder what the future holds and look forward to looking back at our lives and be proud of all we accomplished. I was listening to Bishop T.D. Jakes the other day. He was telling a story of a conversation he had with the late great Oral Roberts. Bishop was telling Oral Roberts how lucky he was. Oral Roberts asked "Why am I lucky? I'm an old man." To which the Bishop replied. "Your lucky cause you know how your story ends".

That's what we want after all isn't it? To look back over our lives and say; "man what a life I lived!" To have no regrets, to be able to say that we took chances and lived our lives to the fullest? That's what I want! I want to leave a legacy! I want to fufill my destiny!

Even though looking to your future is important. In fact the Apostle Paul says in Phillippians 3:13-14 to push towards our future. So what am I saying?

While it is important to look forward to what your future holds. To be excited about all that God has planned for you. To look forward to seeing what's around the next corner. All of that is good and all of that is fine. But if we're not careful we'll become so focused on what's in the next town, the next house, or the next job that we'll miss what's is right here, what's right now!

After all your future isn't made up of moves to diffrent places. It's made up of moments. Moments that you seize, moments you enjoy, moments you will always cherish! Don't get so caught up in what your future holds that you miss out on what's right now.