Monday, October 17, 2011

How Quickly We Forget

The other day while I was getting ready. My daughter (6 years old) was talking to me. My son (5 years old) had just woken up and made his way into the room that we were in. My son still has to wear a pull up to bed because he still has "accidents" on a fairly regular basis. He is very self conscious of this and tries very hard not to have accidents but on this morning his attempts were unsuccessful. He quickly confessed "Dad.... I got Pee Pee in my pull up" with his head held low. I could tell he was disappointed in himself. Before I could tell him it was alright and that he could try again my daughter spoke up and said "Bubb (that's what they call each other) that is so disgusting! Why can't you just stop peeing in your pull up?"

I quickly corrected the situation by reminding my daughter that it hadn't been that long ago that she was having accidents. And that she shouldn't give her brother a hard time for something she had struggled with not so long ago. She maintained that it was "disgusting" and quickly informed me and my son that a year was "a long, long time ago"!

It was in that moment I began to think about the way most Christians treat people who still have the occasional (or not so occasional) "slip up" or "mess up". We are so quick to point out their flaws and are the first to kick them while they're down. Even though it hasn't been that long ago that we were the ones messing up.

The truth is if everyone reading this were honest with them self.... It probably hasn't been that long ago that you messed up! What am I saying? We are all a work in progress. We all sin. We all make mistakes. Let's not be so quick to kick someone while they're down. Don't act like you are perfect and have everything together. Think back when you were still trying to get your life together. Remember how frustrating it was when you messed up? Remember the guilt you felt after you had sinned? The condemnation that came on you? The feeling of wanting to quit? The point is we don't need to heap more guilt and condemnation on people while they're down. The devil has the condemnation end covered. He doesn't need your help. Let's pick people up when they fall. Let us as Christians be the ones encouraging not the ones condeming. Lets encourage them to keep trying. After all if we can keep them trying..... Then one day they are going to succeed!

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